Notice period buy-off not accepting by company

Dear Sir / Madam, I am Working in Automobile Manufacturing Industry @ Chennai for 1.4 Years. Now I got a better offer in Chennai itself and submitted the resignation by Mail As per Appoinment order in the present organization " Your service may be terminable by written notice of three months on either side or Salary in lieu thereof. Please note That in the event of any violation or breach of our service conditions, explicitly communicated in the offer or which may be made applicable to you from time to time, or the ethical standards or behaviors on your part, the company reserves the right to terminable your service forthwith without any notice." I have submitted my resignation by company portal on 19th June 2015 and willing to relive from the present job from 31st July. for the balance period i would like to pay a notice period pay. Total Notice period: 90 days (while submitting resignation in the portal is shows 90 days) From 19th June to 31st July: 44 Days Balance notice period pay: 46 Days i will ready to pay as money. (Normally for many of the people company does the same). My boss, 2nd level Boss and HR have accepted by resignation. And all my works have been assigned to next level person and my boss is also accepted the same. But my 2nd level boss is asked by serve 3 month notice period and he will accept money. Since my 2nd level boss is said to serve 3 months, HR & my boss is not able to say anything. Can you give a legal advice for this matter?