Hello,, I married before six months.. But our marriage can't running ahead... Because his parents always demands for things like tv, refrigerator, ac etc. Before married they are demanded dowry also.. My parents fulfill their demand.. They wann pator sador mekhela,, washish machine and my parents give them also... But they are very low category people, they are not happy so again they are demand and disturbing me.. And send me always to my parents home but I can't tell my parents all that things and yes I don't wann to say all of things and situation to my parents.. And I get to know recently that the boy who is married to me he is a important person... Now I am very depressed and I wann to separate from him and punish them for their this type of illegal and haresment disgusting behaviour and work.. They also try to hit me, his father, mother, and his two sister and their husbands and he also.. So that they are criminal also, they attempt to crime by attempt to hit me.. So that's why I wann to justify by low... And one is important thing that We haven't registered our marriage to any office or we don't have any marriage certificate or documents which proves that we are married.. So I wann to know that what I have to do now.. What I should do for justice and literally I wanna free from this horrible situation..