Father and his 2nd wife reclaiming his land property transferred to me by gift deed

My name is Nitant (male, 30yrs) staying in Sonipat, Haryana and my mother died in 2008. At that time my father was staying in Alwar, Rajasthan due to his job and me, my mother, sister used to stay in my village. --fast forward-- I got married on 3rd May 2015 and on 23rd May 2015, we came to know that my father got married to another woman with whom he had a long affair. His 2nd wife was forcing to take possession of the residential property in which we were staying and this caused a heart attack to my father. My father called me over phone and explained everything that he is married and his 2nd wife is harassing him over property. Me and wife took care of him and he returned normal to his job in Alwar. Then my father transferrd the property to me in form of gift deed so that the lady don't harass her anymore. Also my father made her a residential property to calm her. My father is having 3 sons with that lady. He told me that he got married just after my marriage as the lady was putting rape charges over him. So we told him to divorce that lady and he said that he will divorce.--- Fast forward--- My father got retired on 31st August 2019. He came to us and stayed with us for few days and then went back to his 2nd wife and returned after one month asking for some money. I told him to stay with us and we will take care of you. Still I gave him cash but I told him to give his account number but he insisted on cash. He then went to his 2nd wife again and it happened many times. So one day he asked me to transfer 10000 to someone else account. I refused as it was beyond my capacity within a salary of 30000 - loan amount. He sent us a legal notice to reclaim his property and sueing me for not paying maintenance. He is moving us to court over it. What I can do?