Can not having sex and marrying just to work as a maid and not giving the deserved freedom be reason

I was married on 12 Feb 2020 in Bangalore. After that I left my business I was doing in Bangalore and shifted to Pune. I was given all materialistic freedom, but right from day 1, my husband was not interested in having sex with me. Even after my several attempts, he just used to get angry and used to push me away, if I tried to woo him in private. And as days progressed due to the Corona pandemic, they removed the household maid and started making me work as a maid in the house. I used to do the dishes, cleaning the floor, cooking, and washing clothes, all by myself. I was not even allowed to go outside even one day and was allowed only if they gave me some work to do. Even when guests or some relatives of my husband arrived, I was not allowed to meet them. Above all this, my husband used to try to kill me several times by grabbing my neck by his hand and trying to suffocate me till I couldn't breathe. He also made my head-injured so many times, that now, me, who never had to wear any specs before marriage and had such great eyesight, had to start wearing them for the rest of my life, as it had blurred the vision of my right eye, for the rest of my life. Even while having food, my husband's in-laws used to stare at my plate, while I was eating, and used to tell, that I ate too much. When it came to me searching for a job, I was told to do any kind of home business, even though I had completed my graduation. When I said that, I wanted to do a job, my inlaws tried every possible way, for me to not get it. Even after all this, I was told that I was just brought here to be kept as a helper to my mother in law and that I need to take care of her, no matter how badly she behaved with me. Not even a year has happened and so many things happened with me that now I feel that I should end this marriage. Also, my husband is not interested in having any child with me. So I just wanted to know, are all the above reasons sufficient enough, to file a divorce with my husband? And I don't know how much alimony am I supposed to ask, after marriage from my husband. And also file a Domestic Violence case against him.