What are chances of getting a divorce and custody of my daughter

I am married to my wife for 5years and we have a 3yr old girl. We are having trouble with each other for the last 1 year. My wife is extremely suspicious and delusional. She has uncontrollable anger and has tried to cause harm to me and my family. a) Called my office and informed that I am a wife-beater. b) Called the police and informed that I have abandoned her and the child when I had gone to my parent's house 5kms away. c) Called my brother's fiancée’s family and tried to cancel his marriage d) Always blaming me for having various affairs e) Shouts and uses abusive words in front of the child in order to torture me. I have tried to convince her for a divorce but she doesn't want to leave the house and the amenities with it. She comes from a financially challenged family and going back to her own house would mean sacrificing many comforts of life. I have taken her to a psychiatrist also and she is under medication but for the sake of my child, I wish to give my daughter a more normal and happy life. I am ready to pay for my wife’s expenses. What are my chances of getting respite from my wife and custody of the child?