What action to take

My hindu expired father in his will has divided his house in 4segerated areas of 80. square ft each. none is resistered as my mother is alive. in which I am sanctioned the area which has no bathroom,toilet,and kitchen facilities because MCD water supply line which is in my father's name comes in my siblings area The electricity meter too comes in my siblings area I am now living my sister's area not registered in her name I don't mind living here permentaly so as I don't have to go thru all problems of MCD like getting sewage connection plus water Can she get me evicted from her portion if she gets registery done in her name will she have to file a case againt me I am not keen to get my area registered in my name as Ihave no inheritors and do any renovations My sisters has all electricity bills and water bills too They are not ready for family agreement too Can I keep staying in this portion of house ? Can I do renovations like putting up door to safe gaurd my self I want to safe gaurd my self being blocked from entering this portion. in case she files a civil case how long can I drag it and on which pretex Please advice