Sending notice to wife coming back to matrimonial house

Hi, I got married in May 2015. Wife didn't establish physical relationship until Jan 2019. We kept on fighting over these and other issues since marriage. I always requested her that if she don't want to consummate the marriage, we are go for mutual divorce but she did not agree on this. Every time I took some stand to get separated she forced to change my decision by playing all emotional drama. I was in Pune till June 2019 and later I was to shift to Bangalore. At this point I decided not to take her to bangalore and told this to her parents. Her father called me and requested me for an hour to change my decision. That time I put on a condition that if she is ready for physical relationship I will take her to Bangalore. After that I shifted to Bangalore but since day one she started abusing me and was not behaving properly. I called her parents and asked to intervene but they didn't agree and wife started giving suicide threats hence I decided to drop her back to her parents place. I dropped her at her parents place in March 2020. In the month of April I got to know she is pregnant. Knowing that she is willing to give birth to baby I also got connected to her and later she stayed at her parents place. I started taking care of her with all the required supplies. In the month of Nov 2020 we blessed with baby boy. I stayed with her during her delivery for almost a month. After delivery also she continued staying with her parents. After 5 months during lock down (Apr 2020) I asked her to come back to my home (Just 5km away) but she did not agree. I kept quite for another month and later asked her to come in May 2020. This time through one of relative but again she didn't come. In June 2020 I myself went to her parents place to take her but she didn't agree. Later upon request of my another relative she came to my place but with conditions that 1. She will not talk to any of my family members 2. She will not support in household work 3. After lockdown ends I will take her immediately along with me to Bangalore 4. She will not stay at with my parents in my absense. I agreed to everything just to stay with my kid. Just after a month she started telling me that she wants to go her parents place and without asking me she called her brother and her brother took her to his place after promising me that he will drop her back in 10 Days. Now after 10 Days when I asked her brother to drop her back. They are just blaming my parents and asking me to stay separate, which I am not agreeing. Now I want to send her a notice to come back to my place. Please advise. Can I do this without involving lawyer? Just because I still want to stay with her (for my kid) and involving lawyer will make the situation worse (at least I feel so). Regards,