Real estate property dispute

Hi, we bought land from a real estate owner . It was 200 square yard with rate of 11,100 rupee per yard (i.e total of 22,20,000/- twenty two lakh twenty thousands). I did the payload as following a. 1,00,000/- on 07 july 2019 b. 2,00,000/- on 21 july 2019 c. 19,20,000/- on 28 july 2019 He gave the receipts of the money on his agency's receipt . He told that we will land patta in one or two weeks . But later told us that the owner is not giving the land as he plans to sell it to other party so agent one more month in that excuse. So we asked for our money back . He returned 10,00,000/- (ten lakhs ) on 19 oct 2019. Same day we submitted the 1 lakh and 2 lakh receipts to him and kept 19,20,000/- receipt on which he mentioned on the back side that 7,00,000/- have been paid back from this 19,20,000/- and remaining are 12,20,000/- . After that he is not returning any single penny . each time we ask , he says that he is getting money soon from some people he owes money. This way he has come so far. In early june after corona lockdown was over , we visited him and he told that he will give money back by 31 july 2019. But still there is no sign of him returning the money. Please advice what can be done in this case. We want the money back 12,20,000/- with interest and compensation. What are the best legal options here including consumer court. land we bought was in jagatpura and agent has his house in jagatpura. we stay in mansarovar jaipur. We started audio recording after nov 2019 also to have proof when we sat together for talk for returning the money. He never said he will not give money but he is not returning either.