How to file case on wife & his constable brother harassing me

Legal notice to Wife is staying at parents house. my query is as below: 1. I want to approach the court for restitution of conjugal rights.As a husband can send a legal notice to the wife to come back in this Covid-19 unlock -2 period , when can courts will reopen ? 2. Can I send a legal notice to her to come to my home , as she rejecting with post man to receive any registered or ordinary post ? How can I send it ? 3. She never came to our home during last 7 years after marriage, one month she came to my hyderabad house immediately after marriage and started disputes that i should come to her place and give my entire salary to her and not take care of my old aged parents , i only went to her parents house for 6 years and vexed now , I do not want a divorce, what is the solution? 4. Mine is an arranged marriage, Due to this emotional and committed statement I started loving her and got married. Now time and again she insults me in front of her parents and they insult me too. She wants me to bow down to them every time as her brother is Head constable & father was retired constable , she & her bad parents misusing law & influencing police at their place and always calling me for counseling and insulting me and forcing me to give 15000/- per month to my wife even though she is Government teacher with 45,000/- salary and threatening me that they will arrest me if don't accept their undue advantage and cunning needs at a rental house taken near her parents house 5. I have bowed down to them till now, but I no longer want to do that. We have a 5 years old son, for the delivery I had gone to her house and took complete care of her and the child. Every single penny was spent by me for the delivery, the hospital charges and also at her home after the delivery for 15 days. 6. I do not respect her parents for the cunning attitude they have and they always want to break our marriage. My wife is sitting at her house for about 15 months now and being adamant not to return . i didnt went to my wife place because , my wife was giving warning to me that she will give wrong complints of Rape of a wife is recognized as sexual violence under the DV Act and cruelty (physical and mental) under Section 498, IPC 375 ,376. ... i also fear its misuse by disgruntled wives against their husbands while they continue to overlook the misuse of this protection , after that i lost my physical and mental health and not went to her parents place , recently i got operated for kidney stones and asked her to come to my parents house but she didn't came still now , but harassing my father to send me to their place as she is paying monthly Rs. 2000 rent at her parents village, i am jobless now and doctor said that i should not expose to any stress as my heart was week , i know that even my wife comes here or i go to her place , she again start disputes and goto police stations for money only , which will spoil my health again.i want to file maintenance case u