Contested Divorce Filed

Hello sir/Mam, I was married in Dec 2017 ,for first 3 months she was with my parents in jalandhar as I was due to my job based in pune and I was be there to make necessary arrangements so that I can bring her with me in pune.But since beginning itself her(wife) behavior was very reluctant towards me and my family which include my parents as I don't have any siblings. The reason was that she had memories of her parents and brothers and was not able to come out ,Initially we thought this is natural and with time she able to adjust herself and become part of our family ,then in March 2018 I went to jalndhar and brought her back to pune with me,days gone and we had a time when she got pregnant in 2019 march and also as my father was in army he later get retired from there in June 2019. I took my parents with me in Sept. 2019 but this action does not taken very pleasant way by my wife and she ran away to mumbai(her parents house)in 2019 Oct 31st. And on 14th Nov 2019 she given birth to baby boy,despite her such action we forgive her and try to settle the matter.But as mentioned she never taken my parents in very friendly way and started abusing my parents and later on directed to me also,started putting allegations on me and my parents.The reason was for all this is that she does not want to live with my parents.But being a single child this was my responsibilty to take care my parents despite her dis-Intrest.and due to this she was very unhappy ,later with time she started abusing me,my father who is 65 years of age my mother 53 years and we kept all her statemt in text and audio format to prove her abusing act.We forced to take some strong a tion due to her such behaviour and we put section 13A i.e divorce based on cruality as ground.Now I want to know based evidence which I have which contain written and audio statement in which she abused too much with my parents, will I be able to get divorce sooner?