Landlord taking entire deposit during covid

I am student who was studying in chennai, I am originally from Kochi, Kerala. I was living in chennai in a 3bhk unfurnished house that was shared among two other people. During the early days of the pandemic, on March 19th I came back to my hometown since all our exams were postponed. I thought we'd all return back in 10 days but then the lock down happened and 4 months later, me and my roomates all are still stuck in Kerala, unable to go back to chennai. We had given 2 month prior information to the landlord about moving out in april. But due to the lockdown and border restrictions none of us is able to go to.chennai at this time. Meanwhile the landlord has been taking full rent from the deposit and is asking for more. I feel we only owe the landlord two months rent till april. If we had the opportunity we would have taken all our things and vacated. The landlord is taking advantage of the situation. The house is not a very family friendly house with no parking and furnishings. Not even wardrobe. So thier only chance at making money is through bachelor students. Since colleges are not open the landlord knows she can't get new tenants and hence is trying to loot us to the maximum. Kindly help. We want atleast half our deposit. We have already spent way too much to make that house livable. Kindly give some advice