My and my daughter's Rights post my husband's sudden demise

Hi Sir, I am married in 2016 and i faced domestic violence and salary harassment by my husband and in-laws. My husband is a game addict and having drinking and smoking habits. They have hidden all these and got me married to him. I gave birth to a baby girl in 2017 and she is 3 yrs old now, where i only take care of her till now. My in laws and my husband not even taken care for her vaccinations also. In 2019 i went to women PS for asking to give counselling to my husband and in-laws. After 5 months counselling my husband gave me a written statement stating that he will take care of me and baby and he wont beat me and he will leave the gaming. Exactly after 1 month i went to my in-laws house post counselling my husband expired. And they have thrown me from the house, and claimed the entire LIC amount and still stating that they didn't received the death certificate yet. When i asked them for the death certificate to apply for widow pension, they are not giving me and harassing me still without giving me my husband's death certificate. And now when my family elders approached them asking for the Future of my baby and me. They are demanding me to send my daughter to them and after 1 week they will talk about all these. They are stating that they dont need me and they need my daughter, And they are stating that i cant take care of my daughter as am financially not strong. I dont wanna give my daughter to them , i cant live without her. Please Advise