Apply divorce in India or Canada for OCIs and possible advice on protection after filing

1. Both husband and wife are born in India and in 2008 got married under Hindu law in India. Now both are OCIs ( with Canadian Citizenship) and with kids. 2. Wife threatens to harm self for small domestic arguments - behaves and threatens with acts that may result in harm self. Threatens to harm self if husband brings his mother to Canada. ex: locks door from inside and with kids, leave home at late night. 3. For small domestic when told if she does not listen to what husband says (small domestic things) she can to leave and give divorce, her parents come to husbands home and threaten me that they will show what they are if i give divorce. Talk disrespectfully regarding husbands mother and husband with loud voice at night. False allegations regarding finance etc. 4.Wife's main aim seems to separate Husband and his mother. Husband does not like to distance his mother at any cost. Questions: 1. Will it be a good idea to apply for divorce in India or in Canada(based on citizenship). Will it be valid in other country. 2. Now both are in India and in one home. Husband wants to file for divorce as there are irreconcilable differences 3. If husband files for divorce, Husband is worried that wife may harm self and kids, Is there any way for husband to get self protection if wife does anything to her self based on her aggressive behavior. only some emails only to justify her behavior. Some events happened few years back in Canada and in India. 3. Feel husband and his mother may Need protection based on girl's parents behavior. Is there any way husband will be able to get legal help to stop girls parents from coming late night and arguing, shouting with disrespect to family and threatening ( some part voice recorded). 4. Some say it takes long time in India comparatively, Any rough estimate on the timeline. I expect it will not be a mutual consent situation as wife will be try to continue as husband is a job holder and family situation.