I'm married to a defense officer for past 11 years. I want to file separation case in defense due to the following reasons: 1) We are living separately since the 4th day of our marriage. We have no relationship but living in the same house with my son (from my previous marriage) in separate bedrooms. 2)He is handicap and wears a pair of modified shoes. Never declared about this before marriage. His father a surgeon in army conveyed us he has a scar due to an accident. But he is ok. 3) They adopted my son legally but in 11years never allowed us to live in their house. 4) He has severe spending issues. Whether it's ration, clothing, even refuses to spend for the child education. just to support this marriage my father a retired central government employee is giving dowry for past 11 years. 5)He keeps himself locked in the room when at home. Only opens when he has to go out or for food. 6)He never socializes, or give time or has allowed my parents, brother or my friends to visit me. I lived in loneliness for 11years. 7) his elder sister is psychiatrist from AIMS. very scientifically he has damaged both of us. 7) I have developed, migraine, psoriasis, and became psychologically handicap ( claustrophobia) can't travel for past 5years now. 8)After all these years got to know, to claim the family benefits he has maintained family status... like accommodation, free ration, and maintained us to show family status to the society and I'm here to cook and do household chores for him. 9) He also lied by not disclosing that his previous family also lived in this closed society. He went to meet her and asked to join him in his cabin after our marriage. 10) Finally we want me to return to my parents house after 3years when he retires. He is 10 years elder to me. I want to file a case of separation. Want to know the following: 1) how much money I can get as maintenance? His salary must be 1lac+ 2) can I hold the dependence card after separation? I want it to claim medical benefits. 3) With my bad health I'm unable to work. Can I claim for child s education? Looking for advice/ guidance 4) Do I have to live separately to file separation? We will be moving to Hyderabad in July. 5)What are my rights as defense officer's wife. 6) The seniors support him even knowing we are suffering Regards