How to get rid of my mentally illcruel wife

Myself sunni muslim married in 2019 with my aunts daughter who is 30 years old at that time she is very abusive towards me she never care my parents she abuses me saying i has an affair with my own sister in public she always punishes my daughter who is recently born she keeps irritative face all time iam afraiding of her abusive nature she never works i have to workk i have to take care of my child my parents are diabetic haeart patient iam asingle son for them what should i do sir she blackmails me that she dies if i not give her full salary iam unable to bear her torture iam getting depressed vwith her bahaviour she wants sex regularly iam unable to do sex because iam afraiding of her mentalness because his brother is a mentally ill person in her family totaaly 5 members 1st brother mental two times married two times divorce 2nd brother divorce 3rd sister husband suicide 4th sister 5th sister my wife there parents also supports her daughter and abuse my parents and me ,only due to my daddys centiment and last wish at heart operation theathre what should i do know