Husbands pe

We left to usa as soon as we got married my husband has very bad premature ejaculation , he simply used to ejaculate as he enters vagina, initial 5 months of marriage we used to argue and even I was not aware of things and when in 6 month finally I told my parents and I took him to general md so that she will suggest urologist then that day she gave sometablets and asked us to come back and in that week itself I noticed I was pregnant, I argued to not keep the baby becoz I never felt any pleasure at all from the day of marriage and in usa abortion was not easy , my husband promised me everything will be fine we have all life he kept on telling me I will go to hospital but he never did I even spoke with my gynic doctor and she suggested urologist but no use he never listened and my mother-in-law cane fore Delivary as soon as my Delivary is over they revolted against me they said I was blaming them I trusted my husband that he will get things sorted but in return he blamed me and we came back to india and once we went to hsptl doctor prescribed medicine he. Is not using them after all quarrels he left me n baby in India and now he is living in united states .I am so confused how can I proove this how do I proceed legally.and I noticed an operated scar above his private part,this is actually generating more doubt.