Father intensionaly made disown notice against son

I am discussing the case of my wife's friend. She got intercast arrange marriage 5years ago. Now she have 4year daughter. Her in-laws family are father mother her husband ( son ) and two sisters. both sisters are married. But intensionaly stay with their parents for greediness of the property. Property has procured by her father-in-law and still on his name. After her marriage her in - laws ( father, mother, husband's sisters ) physically tortured her and pressurise her husband to divorced. But her husband didn't agree with his parents. She also stay in same property with her husband in one room along with other tenets. My friend file the case in woman cell against her in-laws. That time they compromised. After some time her father in law made a disowned notice in newspaper against her husband on the bases of her husband has drunker but actually her husband never touch it in his life. Due to this tension he lossed his job and upset. If she doing a job then they abuse her. Lots of times her in-laws physically assault her and admitted in hospital. But her in-laws disposed the case with help of police. Now her father-in-laws has suit a case to vacant his property against his son. Court has order to vacant the property in two months. Can her husband or she get hold the share of the property. And her daughter can get share in her grandfather's property. We appreciate your valueable suggestions. Thank you.