Can my mother distribute the land to all sons before her death

Hi Sir, Please note, we are 3 brothers and gave a land of 6 acres to my mother in the year 1993 and as per agreement until she is alive the crop amount which comes from this land belongs to one of her sons wherever she stays and now she is staying with me and since last 5 years, I am taking the crop amount. The question here is , I need your advice whether we can distribute the land among 3 brothers, as I am in deep financial trouble and approached my other 2 bothers, but one agreed to the proposal and other did not agree for partition and saying that it has to done after her death. Can we go for partition now along with other brother and leave the share of my elder brother in one corner with the consent of my mother.What is the process to divide the land without any legal issues in future.Please note, my mother is ready to sign with her consent anywhere and other bother is also supporting me and ready to pay the compensation amount to my mother for alloting his share before her death.Please guide me how to proceed further on this.