Dear All, I have Query about a "WILL" which registered to me. I was looking after my Uncle who was my Father's brother for a long time. As he had some trust issues and only allowed inside his house and i used to cook and take care of his Medical and other Expenses. He had a desire that i be his legal Heir and look after his properties after his demise and nobody else is entertained. However, a Registered WILL was done as per his request. But the problem now comes here is the WILL documentation was prepared in such a way that any ancestral property share that suppose to come to him should be transferred to me. But the ancestral property details were not entered by the lawyer who prepared the documentation and we dint notice this , until i went to claim his share. Now there is a line which says any Ancestral property share which comes to him should be transferred to me. Now i am worried and don't know to claim that property of my Uncle, As the Revenue department is asking show me the Schedule / Survey # details that holds for ur Uncle without that we will not transfer anything but there is a property in my Uncles name. Plz let me know how do i execute my rights and claim the share.