Gift deed by A Muslim Father to his minor son

Dear Sir, I am a Muslim from Mumbai. I have spent heavy money on my two elder sons for abroad studies and to help them to settle in their lives. Now both have comfortable married life with kids and properties. I am a retired person aged 66 years old without any sufficient income. However both sons not helping me at all and even tried to kill me. I have a minor son also from my second wife. (First wife also with me). I am worried about his future and studies. I own a flat and a commercial shop in my name and in the registered Coop Housing Society on ownership basis. I have also a piece of land with rooms constructed on it. This all immovable properties are in Mumbai and purchased by my earnings. Now I want to make a gift deed of entire property to my minor son aged seven years old. I would appreciate your expert advice on following. 1-- As I am a Muslim, and Is there any restrictions or issues to execute or Muslim Personal Law will affect? Will it be lawful and can not be challenged by other heirs. 2-- Can I make three separate gift deeds or only one and the registrations are required? 3-- As Beneficiary is a minor, Can I or his mother can become legal guardian until he reaches to 18 years. 4-- As its generally irrevocable gift deed, Can we add conditions eg. Taking care of parents in Old age etc. 5-- Is this deed is acceptable to the society to transfer the name to the minor? 6-- Is there any risk in future to minor? If his elder brothers will challenge or ask for share on the basis of heirs. . A million thanx to the €×P€rt$. . Mohammad Yasin Chimaukar