Land Lord not returning my security deposit

Hi, I have taken an office on rent in salt lake sector v 1n 2016 with security deposit Rs. 240000. Then I have moved to different office in the same premises and gave more money and made my security deposit to Rs. Rs. 525000 in 2017. In 2018 I have moved to the smaller office in the same premises, owner said I have few months pending Payment so he adjusted the money and my security deposit for the new office became Rs.300000. In 3019 I have moved to the new office on different premises but with the same owner. He said since the company is different I have to make the payment of Rs. 120000 and he will return my money for the prevoius office's security deposit. I made the payment of Rs. 120000, then he returned only 33000 from my prevoius security deposit which was Rs. 300000. However, only one month's rent and elwcteicity was pending. After spending 3 months in the office I called the owner and informed him that I can not continue there, he was OK with this. I have served the notice of 1 month and with his permission I left the office. Now he is not reponding to my calls. What are my options now? I am not in Kolkata. Can I do any thing from outstation?