I got married in 2013, from very first time I had face so many problems, my wife is service women and myself a businessman, from beginning she never shows any attention to me what should have been for any husband, even her family members are also involved in this from background, in 2014 for 2 month she went to her father's house and stay there separately and never shows any intension to contact me, but she come back and stay again with me, in 2017 we had a son, after the birth of my son she starts misbehaving much more, now she is continuing her service like past but I have to adjust every time ignoring my business, her behaviour is showing that now what ever she wants that have to be done by me, even my little son is deprived by her, her family is concern only about her job , my family never dependent on her job, i never took any money from her for my family, even in my marriage i didn't take a single penny or any gifts from her family site, Now everyday her arrogance is getting bigger, even i did have any sextual relation with her since some years. What should I do? It's become almost impossible to stay with her But if anyone whoom do I love the most is my son Please guide me how I can get separated from her with my son at my side