Bullying and verbal abuse of cbsestudent by all teacher,classmate

Sir, Can i file a case against teachers and classmates for bullying and verbal abuse for 2 years.they said bad rumours,lies and made a joke of a student. they insulted a boy and his family who had a very above and good reputation in the town. And outside school they dared to keep an eye on his personal life all the time.they used rumours,lies to make the whole town look into his personal life.They made him-the talk of the town and still when that student goes out of town, they follows him and makes the people of another district or state to look in his personal matter by using those bad rumours,lies. Can i claim money(for bullying and verbal abuse)2or3 lakh from each teacher and 50000/- from few classmates parents? Is proof / evidence neccessary? What if i will get (1)no proof (2)written proof from any classmate (3)written proof from any teacher(only 5% possibility) Please.. REPLY ME @ my e-mail all your suggestions(best and worst)very briefly... And also reply me your personal e-mail address.