Mental torture

I did love marriage, from day 1, my mother in law started torturing me about the gifts they got from my mother and father. She gave money to his son(my husband) for some use, but later she started asking me to return that money. She said to me that ask that money from your father to return. It has been 8 yrs, i stay in bangalore, coz my husband was working here, but due to corona his company annonced work from home for life time, so we want to go to my home town and stay there. But since there is 3 room flat in one room my mother in law is living, in another my brother in law, and one room is used as storw room, we want to stay in that room but my mother in law is asking toh stay on rent not there. We have land on her and my husbands name, we said that can we build house on that land, she said she will not allow that as well, and we hane to live on rent. My husband is very nice person but he always choose not to speak against his mother. I feel so frustated, it has been 8 yrs, should i ignore these things life time?