How to claim right in grandfather property

My mothers grandfather had a property, in which their had been a civil case for partition by my mothers father & their brothers and the judge was passed and three brothers have been alloted the land /house as per judgement. One of the moms father brother had made patta on his name after the money as ordered by court from my moms mother & on settlement, my moms two brother, mother and the third had given a consent for this settlement that his mother can sign on his behalf. so the two brothers and mother of them & my mother, they three signed in settlement in RI office. The Small brother, my mother, I and my mothers mother are living in a house. Me, my mother, her mother were living in that house from june, 2006 to till date & from 2016-17 the small brother is also living. The small brother with support of this elder brother and mother (due to old age) is not willing to. The Middle brother is currently support us for living in house but I think he will change in future. So My mother wants his share what is the process. My mother is also having electricity in her own name taken on 2016. The properiety patta is still on name of moms grandfather and in the side of the property, another of 1-1.5 dec land is occupied by my father mother and back side land of 8 decimal is in name of my mother father. That 1.5 dec and most of my mothers granfa which come in the name of my mother father is having a building which as per court order has come in name of my mother father & a side some some land and back side land of 8 dec which is alone owned by my mother father. I think total of 16-18 decimal land.