Common Toilet at common area

Dear Sir, we are living in a gated community with close to 40 houses (10 independent houses, 30 row houses), Builder constructed a toilet in a common area when the workers were working, later he agreed with community association that the toilet can be used for security persons to use it. now Builder is planning to demolish the common toilet because one of the new buyer objected that toilet should not be next to his house. New buyer is holding the registration with issue, builder is not listening to all other owners, we stopped demolish work and compliant to police. Police updated builder and association office bearers that association will show new place to construct a common toilet and builder needs to build a new one and demolish the existing one. New location(within common area) is another 5 feet away from the existing toilet and 10 feet away from buyer house. However builder is not agreeing to construct in that place and wanted demolish the existing toilet and complete the registration with new buyer. Please advise is there any way to stop this work and make builder to construct a new toilet, if no toilet available, none of the security agency ready to provide security services to our community. please help.