Disconnection of Water / Electricity

I live in a apartment which belongs to my father. I pay the monthly maintenance regularly. Association had carried out few common area work for which a drafted accounts were submitted. Can I ask for the breakup and I need to do vouching for all the expenses made by the association. It was also not projected properly (estimated). It was told that 10000/- per house and it was increased to 15000/- then to 25000/- and now 34000/- per flat. My father had paid 20000/- and there was an outstanding of 5000/- and due to lockdown not able to obtain the cheque from my parents. The association members disconnected my water supply for 2 - 3 days. Finally I gave police complaint. Monthly maintenance is paid by cash and no receipts are provided. Since 2010 accounts statement has not been shown at all. Can the association lodge a complaint against me and can they stop water and electricity to my house. I had asked for bank details to transfer funds (monthly maintenance) till date it was not provided and only by cash they allow and no receipts are provided from the association side.