Got cheated on

Hello. My name is Ann Mathew from the US and I am a model and actress . Mr Vaibhav Nagar( who goes by name Sunny Basin) is a casting agent who promised me roles in Dharma film, Lakme ad, and Mercedes Benz ad has not produced one piece of evidence to show me evidence of work for myself in these projects . I paid him 2 lakh and no result . He keeps saying he is sending my money ( signing amount) but thus far I haven't gotten anything. I also confirmed with Dharma that there was never any movie that was casting that I was a part of. I need my money back and for him to get caught cheating me. I have been patient but so far nothing. His cell number is [deleted]. I saw one other complaint against him in path in promising to start a joint power company a few years ago and no results. Here is the link:[deleted].php He took money from that person also and did not follow through. Now he tells me I have a role in his latest film and he doesn't answer his phone because I have repeatedly asked for a refund. I don't know what to do as I lost money that I can't gain back. Please advise. Regards, Ann Mathew