Cheque bounse case

I also have a cheque bounce case. In 2014 my cheque bounce case was running in Gurgaon court. When government amendment in 2014 came my case was almost 6 month old . After this amendment in 2014, I had to re-file the case in cheque issuer's bank location (Delhi court) as a fresh case again. My above 6 months and money on legal proceedings got waste. Now as per amendment in 2015, my court in Delhi says that i will have to file case again in new court (Gurgaon court under jurisdiction payee bank lies). My case in Delhi has been running for almost 1 year and is nearing to decision. Exact stage of my case is that accused had appeared in court after summons and then he demanded another 6 months to pay money which was agreed by both party in the court. 6 months are over. Accused again requested court to give another 1 month to pay. Now court says that my case will again run in Gurgoan court as per new amendment in 2015. I came to know that probably I will have to file a fresh case again and it will not continue in new location (Gurgaon court) from the last stage in Delhi court. means all previous exercise on the case is no meaning. is it correct??? as cheque bounce case is running can I also file recovery case?