Mental harassment and right to live with dignity

We did love cum arrange marriage in January 2014. Now after 6 years I want divorce. I am living with my parents from 9 months. I was mentally harassed by my husband and his parents and brother for four years. I was not allowed to meet and talk to my parents or any family member. In between, I also attampted suicide. But no luck. They ruined my career. I had to leave my job two times. Because he wants to live with his parents and they never loved me. There he started drinking and betting in IPL. He now started ignoring me and talking to his childhood girlfriend. he used to phone sex with her after l slept. I objected but nothing happened. Situation was very worst so decided to go to my parents house for a wedding. Luckily I got permission from my father-in-law. I thought now he will realise but I was wrong. He started abusing me and my family and blaming me for extra marital affair. My parents tried to talk to his parents but they refused. Then I blocked his number. After some days one of his friend send me friend request on FB and started chatting on messanger that he can improve our relationship, because he knows him from his childhood. I thought ok let's try one last time. But it was a trap for me I never realized. We used to talk in conference call. I tried to make him agree to find a job again so that we can live happily. After the 15 days of conversation I realized that nothing gonna be changed and I decided that we should go for divorce. After some days, I got a WhatsApp from his friend asking if I have an affair. I said no and said that why couldn't he be sincere like you. He then replied he want to tell me something about my husband and called me from a new number. He said that he loves me and he was following me since last six months. This was shocking. I firmly denied and warned him not to call or message me again in future. Next day he declared that I was in an extra marital affair with him from six months. Now he is threating me that he will spoil my dignity. He sent his and his friends voice recording in which his friend accepting that he was in a love relationship with me, to my relatives and friends. Now what do I do. As he spoiled my career I have no financial support too. Please help.