Matrimonial Dispute

I got married in April 2019 and since June 2019 I have been facing matrimonial disputes with my husband due to mother in law. There have been 2 written compromises as well in front of DSP of my city in the month of July and October respectively. In January 2020 i got the the news of being pregnant. I didnt want to keep the baby as my husband was not that responsible, however, with my parents and my husbands consent i had to keep it. My father directly spoke to my husband regarding the financial expenses in February itself to which he promised to pay a aum of Rs 3000 every month, however, since then he didnt even pay a penny to support me and his unborn child. Eventually my father had to take up the responsibility. My delivery is due in August and he has not been in talking terms with me so as to evade his financial responsibilities from April 2020. He doesnt support me financially, emotionally or morally and constantly tortures me mentally upon her mother's and sister's motivation. I am thinking to first of all file for a maintainence case and then for divorce.. Bt thats just my perception. May i please know wat is the right way of going about the legal proceedings??