Mental health and marital relationship

I am continuously being forced to visit my in-laws place who stays 500 km away from kolkata where I reside with my husband.i am married for 2.5 yrs and have already visited 5 times for short duration..My mother in law keeps on taunting me whenever I start to speak something ..she even criticizes me in front of her relatives..This continuous ill treatment by my husband's family has put a toll on my health I am suffering from mental stress and also other illness which is caused due to mental stress for my physical and mental well being I have stopped communicating with my in laws over the phone and also do not wish to visit them..but I am continuously being forced by my husband and in laws to make them calls ,visit them regularly also my husband lacks physical interest ..we have not been intimate more than 4 times in all these years after marriage..he says that since I do not have cordial relations with my in laws he lost interest in me ..but he is also not keen on question is can my in-laws force me to do something against my wish ..or do I have any legal cover to protect myself from this hostile situation keeping marraige intact.