Relationship before marriage and having proof

I had a relationship before my marriage. And my case is also pending in court. And now he demanded for mutual consent divorce. And i aslo talk to my ex boyfriend after separtion to my husband home. My husband family torturing me ,harrasing me and also not allow to study also harassing me on eating even for milk and fruits always taunts and my husband doesn't support me. After i come to my mother house they agree and in all these and after discussion with both families they bring me back to matrimonial home .but again these things happen .then i again came back to my mother home .these things happen 4 times .every time i came back to my parents home. Now im living with my parents about 2 years. But now my husband got a intimate video of mine with my ex boyfriend of before marriage. And also im talking to him after after i came back to my parents home .but not at the time when im staying with my husband im loyal at that time .But all this happing i talk to my ex boyfriend and he is supporting. Please advise me