Got Bangalore Development authority(BDA) ding plan sanctioned, but site shown as road on layout map!

Greetings, We purchased a building in Uttarahalli, Bangalore south, building plan sanctioned in 1980. We wanted to alter building and went to local bbmp office and asked for layout plan. They gave a BDA approved plan about parks in the layout with one AEE signature. This property number is listed in the layout plan. We applied for alteration to add a floor from bbmp and got plan sanctioned. Now someone filed RTI stating the house was on road. We went to BDA office n checked the layout plan and it shows a road! The site allotment letter given by society does not have site release number! 1. Will the BDA building plan issued nearly 40 years ago gets the layout plan corrected with our site included? 2. Does the plan shown in bbmp office with one BDA AEE signature showing this site listed help us get the layout corrected? 3. Neighbouring houses schedule shows this as site and not a road. We are told this house was one of the first houses in the layout. 4. Online bbmp survey shows site and not road. Do we have legal procedure to legalise this property and allot this site in the layout plan? Can the layout plan be edited according to Section 21 of the Karnataka General Clauses Act, 1899, read with Section 32 of the Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976, it can be said that the layout plan once BDA, sanctions, it has also got power to amend it by addition etc., therein, as well as it has got power to rescind. Does sanctioned building plan or parks BDA plan or online gps based bbmp survey help us regularise this site? We will be thrown out homeless if BDA/bbmp comes claiming for this property. We only have sale deed, BDA sanctioned building plan in 1980, BDA park layout plan and online survey showing the site. Regards, MRK