Mental health

Hi I am married for the past 2.5 mother in law though stays far away from city about 550 km apart whenever she visits us or we visit them she taunts me says hurtful words to me.most of the time in my husband s absence...she s a controlling and dominating lady ...whereas I belong to a highly educated liberal family..due to the differences between us I have stopped talking to her over the phone and for the past 6 months stopped going to their ancestral home where my in laws live.....due to this constant misbehaviour I have developed mental stress and certain illness related to stress so inorder to recover from this I started avoiding my husband and in laws are pressurising me to regularly call them and visit my in laws place ..else he will file for divorce..plz note I v never prevented my husband from visiting his parents and neither did I stop them from coming to visit question is that is there any means by which I can stop them from pressurising me to visit my in laws and make regular phone calls...when I deny doing so my husband beats .. recently I got severely injured due to my toe nail coming off while struggling with him