How should i face to below problem

I was in relationship with a guy from 22nd july 2014.He promised me that he will marry me because he used to seduce me but didtnt had sex but he used me physically to much he himself had mentioned in 1 of his message this all happened because of his uncontrolled behaviour.Now he started refusing me then i have approched to his family for help because this guy took relation so far on fake promise that he will marry me but his family also refused me by giving nonsense answers like such as i am rude,i dont know how to talk with anyone,i insult anyone...........but its not true actually the dont want me so they are removing faults in me.On last saturday i meet to his family but his sister started spoiling my name that i had an relationship with other guy,i send an friend request to a guy but sending a friend request is nit any kind of crime but she was trying to prove me characterless and that guy was also supporting his sister.So please help me can i take any legal action against his family on the bases of proving me characterless?And i dont want to involve my parents in this because they are cheap people will police help me without involving my parents please give me a perfect feedback.