Parking of a company car in society where i am leaving in rent

Dear All, My Name is Tarundutta Sharma and I am residing in Yamuna Nagar Andheri (W) mumbai on rent with my relatives and my name in not there in lease agreement. They have added my name but they remove that page stating it is not required. Recently my company had given me a car to travel from home to office and keeping with me. Have asked society to provide me parking space in society compound as there are several parking space available. When my landlord approached society a month ago, they said that they will see if any space available or not. after 15 days they said that they need car documents which I had given, they took a week to reply and asked to provide lease agreement copy (which i think they might have a copy for the same), still my owner had provided. now this Monday (after 1 week) they said that cannot give permission for parking because car is not owned by lease holder it is under company's name, provide supporting letter from company that this car has given to lease owner.. How can a company give letter to someone who is not working in that organization. i can provide letter from my company in my name. My landlord is very supportive, please advise what legal action my owner or my Uncle can take against society. Please revert me on my below given mail id.