Update my name wrongly entered in system

Sir.,/madam., I write to state the following few words for your kind consideration and to do need full. Every four years Directorate of Municipal Administration/Reforms cell of Bangalore entrust the work to survey the buildings and sites to measure for any encroachment in land, building and submit the report to the concerned municipality as per that They survey and give letter to the House owner one copy and one copy to the municipality.For any discrepancies and we have to rise objection.when we see wrong measurement and wrong owner's name. We rise objection to municipality,in turn Municipality authorities insist to produce all Documents as i have mentioned below., (NB-2).- (a - h) ( present site number - W-[deleted] A ) on records. Before issuing the letter to the house owner the municipal authorities do not cross check the survey letter,simply they issue the letter to the house owner there by the house owner has to face hardship run pillar to post to correct the records. As i have noticed in the survey map records that my physically existing building lies in centre between Sri. Ponnurangam bearing Site number W-[deleted]. by Left and Sri.Doraiswamy bearing site number W-[deleted] by Right. Front and Back of my house Road is there,So my entrance lies both the sides North and South. To my surprise my physically existing building is Shifted to the Front Row Bearing Site Number W-[deleted] A. with Wrong Name as MAHENDRAN In spite of MAHENDRA MANI. Hence i beseech your good office to correct the STREET CHANGE,Correct the Absence of my name MAHENDRAMANI. Update of my Katha number and correct site number in the Computer Records,To pave the way to pay Tax and Etc., in future. NB:-1.For irregularities of the concerned,Why i should be Penalized. 2.Robertsonpet Town Municipality insisted me to submit the following:- a).Submit up to date Tax paid receipt.(paid in K.V.B.bank account number:155120810 a sum of Rs.27,388/- (rupees twenty seven thousand three hundred eighty only) for 2002 to 2015.Diff. on 30 April 2015. Town Municipal Property Details and Property Tax Self Assessment Form Acknowledgement Number;543/ 30/04/2014. b).Extract of Katha Records No.926,A-997 c).Sale deed Attested by Notary. d).Encumbrance certificate up to date. e).Submit Photography of the Building Owner along with the inspected MANAGER Robertsonpet Town Municipality. f).Inspection of the concerned Engineer. g).Signature of The Municipal Commissioner Robertsonpet Town Municipality. h).Signature of Shri.M.Bakthavachalam.,The President Robertsonpet Town Municipality Kolar Gold Fields. i).In view of the above i have submitted all records and given Representation To THAPAL and received acknowledgement on 30 April 2014 j).Still it is processing. k).TIME WASTE,MONEY WASTE to get all the Records. MENTAL INJURY,MENTAL AGONY,Etc., because of the irregularities of the concerned Authority So once again i request you to UP DATE and give Directions to all concerned and send me a mail copy. One year has passed from 30th April 2014,Still it has been not updated just to enter correct name - mahendramani. Thanking you in anticipation, with regards mahendramani. Mahendramani., No.52,'A' Block, Pipe line road, Robertsonpet post, Kolar Gold Fields. -563122. Mob:[deleted]. Email-id; [deleted] please help me sir.,