Eviction of sister

Hi, I live in delhi with my family -My wife, a son & a daughter including my brother's family with his wife and two childrens. As i also have younger sister who is married living with her husband and three childrens, in her own house in UP. Few years ago she and her husband claimed their right in our property as my mother had given some shares of this property forcefully and due to this my mother decided to changed the WILL & evict her from this property which we did and as per instructions we gave the statement of her eviction and published the same in the news paper. But no one informed us that we need to submit the copy of that news paper report into the high court. Now my mother has passed away in Jan 2020 and the WILL was changed in the year 2017 since then her husband tried alot to get in the house again but as per that eviction they were not able to. Now we are not sure my sister can claim in this property or not as we wanting to sell this property but due to this issue i am not sure whether we should go with this or not. As per the last WILL this property is on my and brother's name and on online also we are getting our name as owner of the property. Still i am confused what should we do to get the confirmation that she can't claim in this property or should we submit the copy of that news paper report into the court. I would be thankful if anyone can help me out with the solution. Thanks, Deepak