Khata Bifurcation and Lake buffer zone related query

Hello Lawyers, I have seen an independent resale property in Bangalore with a measurement of 30*40 site (1200 sq.feet). I learnt that entire land of 5 acres was converted from Agricultural to Non-Agricultural in 1998 by paying a betterment charge by the land owner. The entire land (5 acres) now has got A Khata certificate. The land was later converted into small plots and Land owner made layout plan and sold it to different parties without approval from government authorities. However when I enquired about Khata bifurcation for the individual sites and also about Layout or site approval from government authorities, I got to know that they haven’t got the Layout approval from government. But the current property owner is producing individual Khata certificate for the site and mentioned it as an evidence. 1. Is it possible to obtain individual Khata certificate for the site without Khata bifurcation of the entire land. 2.Though the entire land is qualified to be A khata but individual sites will be considered B Khata since they haven’t done Khata bifurcation? 3. Is it advisable to buy such a property without khata bifurcation 4. Also, the property has a lake near within a distance of 45m from the property. Is it advisable to buy such a property or will there be a buffer zone or Rajakaluve violation possibility. Kindly provide your advise.