Cheating by a property dealer and builder

I had paid for an apartment flat in greater noida under a construction linked plan and made 90% of the payment to the builder already which amounts to close to 16 lacs. The builder did not give posession of the flat and it's already been over 11 years. When requested the builder, they agreed to offer a credit note for the amount paid and routed to a property dealer who was helping people like us to offer a different flat in lieu of the credit note + additional sum depending on the property. I ended up trusting the dealer because I wanted to get my 16 lacs out and was okay to invest a bit more of I get a house to live. I paid the dealer an additional 14 lac rupees for a ready to move apartment. The dealer got all the paper work done ( agreement to sell) which clealry mentions amount paid and credit note adjustment against the cost of the new property as agreed. The dealer said that just the endorsement of the new property needs to be done which usually takes 30 days. It's been over a year since I have made the full payment and now the dealer hasnt given me the new flat and had cancelled the deal. He is passing away time, neither refunding me my money nor giving me the flat he had promised. I had already lost 16 lacs and over and above got into anoteyhr mess of 14lacks in total have ready lost 30 lacs. I don't know what to do. I am not locally located in the same place so only mode of communication is phone. What so I do to get my money out. Please help. I am so much depressed me tally and it's my hard earned money