NOC from one Owner to Another owner on Sale of Joint Property with Joint Ownership

Hi, My husband and my brother in law had built 2 individual portions of house around 10 years back and although both are individual portions but still the property is registered as one property with both my husband and brother in-law as joint owners. now myself and my husband wants to sell off our portion of property since we decided to move to a different a location. The buyer has made down payment to us for our portion of house and he had got a loan sanction from the bank for buying our portion bank has asked us to provide an NOC from my brother in-law stating that he doesn't have any objection of we selling our portion of house and getting the disbursed home loan amount (which buyer has taken) to only my Husband's individual Bank Account. So can you provide some link or template or some content in which the NOC needs to be written, my brother in law said that we should draft and give him the NOC so that he can sign the same. Also please let us know apart from this do you think any thing else is required.