Harrasment by in laws

I am married for 4 months and married ( arranged) to only son of a difficult mother in law who harasses me mentally saying if I do not agree to her terms she will send me back to my paternal home. I am well educated and earning well. My husband is a govt servant and earns well. I have been doing things as per her wishes but whenever I am unable to do or refuse say for example I refused to give my salary to my husband as I wanted it to save for my future she will I'll treat me by not providing me food and privacy in house.. if I am unable to do some household work whenever I am not well.she will literally ask her son to leave me at my maternal home and once he started forcibly throwing me out when I called up police too. Though they counselled them that my husband can leave me only through legal means till then I have the right to stay in that house. They also told me to consider women help line for actions against domestic violence.. things did not stop in there when my mother in law even harassed me further by encroaching in our bedroom and stopping all relation with my husband who acted like a spectator without stopping her and blamed me for everything. They even put false allegation of taking away my street dhan which is kept with them along with my own jewellery.i have to leave that house as conditions were miserable to the extent of my mother in law pushing me on 8th June morning at 5:00 a.m. to wake up from bed and started doing obscene actions in front of me. I was helpless to call anyone. I tried to shout but my husband closed the window and asked me to keep quiet otherwise situation will get worse. All the main doors of the house were locked. I just kept quiet and came out of house when the main doors were opened as usual routine. My silence was an act to ptotect myself at that moment. I know that was an act of domestic violence on the part of my mother in law which I never expected my husband to support. I don't want to break my marriage as I know its my mother in law who is doing all unlawful and psychotic act and my husband is supporting her. Kindly guide me what legal action I can take for my protection. Whether my husband has any liability to provide me food and basic amenities apart from shelter if I am earning. Our marriage is not older than 6 months so I think divorce can not be applied. I would like to give it a chance by living with my husband without mother in law. Can I legally ask for such accommodation from husband knowing the fact he is a govt employee. What are my rights on my income? Am I supposed to give any penny to my husband or in law if I am earning more than my husband? And also what are my rights on husband's income if I am earning? I heard from somewhere that my husband can not even consume his ppf savings without my permission. The basic requirement of my husband and in laws is my money and my refusal to that has made them to torture me since our marriage. Our marriage is not yet registered though we got married in a nice family get together function with seven pheras in the presence of priest. Will it have any consequences in future legal matters.