Father died intestate.

Sir, Myself Amit wants to know about our rights in Father's acquired property after his death. I and my mother is living with my father for several years before his death which was occurred on 2009. My father had 2 more sons and 2 daughters from his first wife. After her death he married to my mother to whom I am the only son. My father bought a Plot in the name of my brothers when he was alive. He deposited some amount in the name of her daughters also. Both of my brothers were married and were separated and living in same city many years before the death of my father. Father borne the expenses of their marriage. Sister are also married and settled by my father. I married at my own expenses and also borne the expenses of my father' s treatment till his death. Iam alone looking after my mother and my family. My brothers and sisters never bothered about us til my father live. After his death they are harassing me my mother and family. Now my question is , what is our ( me , my mother and my family) status in the house acquired by my father and currently in our possession.