Legal Steps Family can take against us of our marriage

Me and my boyfriend have got married and registered it as well with a valid marriage certificate. We are moving out of India to another country where my husband is working currently. Once i leave country i'm planning to inform in my home regarding my marriage. They are very conservative and would try all possibilities to separate us or make me come back India. I want to be prepared for this scenario. Is there any case they can file against us that would require us to come back India? Which i don't want to risk on. My parents are staying at my home town and i work in a different state and city. So they make a complain at my home town would that be valid? or they need to make it on the town where i'm residing and working from 3 years. If i provide copy of my marriage certificate and letter of consent that i'm major and doing this on my accordance to the police station of the cit where i'm working would that be enough? Me and my husband are majors , married and registered under hindu act. He is from north and i'm from south of india. Please let me know in this scenario should i hire a lawyer who could represent me in india on my absence from the country. He or she can go on our behalf to produce our details / docs to the police at my home town. There is a public prosecutor and a DSP in my family relatives. I want to make sure i'm safe after leaving india. Also can they make any trouble to boy's family? Also is this case big enough that they could contact police in the country where i'm going as a international case? Please let me know if these scenarios would happen. Thanks for help!