Fake dowery demand case

My brother is get married in Dec 2014. we did not demand for any type of dowry before or after marriage. girl was not setteling herself in our home. her mother was doing lot of interference in our family. she always ask her not to do any kind of work at home and she always demand for money. after every week , her parents came and she always went with them. one day she left our home with her parents with all her luggage without any reason. then she did not come back. she is demanding for fixed money of 10,000- 5,000 every month. my father is retired and my brother has confectionay shop. he can't afford all this. also she is not ready to do any kind of work at home. she want servants . while leaving she carried her own jewelry with her but now she is blaming my family that her jewelry is in our home .she filed a wrong case of demanding dowry. she filed parcha in police station. she and her family is harassing my family. what can we do for saving us .i am her married sister -in- law. she blamed me also in this case. how can i save myself and my family from arresting?