I have a house in a pagdi building which is 57 yrs old, me and my family is staying there from last 30 yrs . The building is under the process of going under redevelopment but our builder/landlord has not received approval from SRA department. Now we have received demolition notice from BMC and BMC TAC committee has marked our building as category C1, highly dangerous to stay. At this Covid and monsoon on head we have no where to go. Our Landlord is not ready to apply for stay order neither is he willing to give us rent or any alternate accommodation. He is also no willing to register our ownership. What should be our step here after. 1. If the building gets demolished will our tenancy rights be protected and how can we use it against our landlord if he tries to do any fraud with us? 2.Can we file a petition and make all the bodies ( landlord, SRA,BMC) part of it and ask for stay/alternate accommodation/ ownership right and also make SRA questionable on why the project is not getting approved? What are our chances of getting a stay? 3. Landlord is willing to give us notarized agreement stating once the building is redeveloped we will have ownership flats but does notarized agreement stand legal, can we drag the landlord to court on that basis if he does not redevelop?