Landlord not giving me security deposit

I along with my friend had taken a flat for rent in Pune in August 2019. We left the flat on May 31 2020 due to the pandemic and have notice about the same on email. We even paid rent for the full month of June, since we had given notice on May 31. The security deposit was Rs 1,00,000, he has given us 90,000 back but is not giving the rest of the amount. He's quoting cleaning charges of Rs 5000 without providing bills (even though we had left the apartment very clean and have photos as well). He's also quoting things like unpaid electricity bills, even though we have cleared all bills and have proofs as well. He also owes us some money for mandatory gas meter installation in the apartment, which the landlord is outright refusing to pay. In all, the landlord owes us Rs 10,070 in total. We gave him the key to the apartment on May 14, and I've repeatedly followed up with the landlord asking for bills, but he keeps on making excuses. I'm not in Pune right now so I'm unable to file an FIR against the person. What other options do I have, and what are the chances of getting the money back?