Divorce Case.

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I got married last year (8th march) and my wife came along immediately after marriage. She initially (before marriage) sounded very nice and good and her family too. Now, she is troubling me and my family a lot. She is not willing to handle any household work and always takes up fight with my parents when they try to explain her any thing. She even fights me and raises ques on my character. I am in a pvt job and have to always move from one site to another. While I was at home she would fight me questioning why i was talking to my friends and sharing things with them. She always keeps calling while I am out at work and give a minimum of around 100-150 calls. She also uses harsh abusive words for my parents and my li'l sister. Me and my parents tried to explain her how to behave and we also spoke/met her parents for this. they said that their duty is over now we do whatever we can. When I said to my wife that she should behave herself and talk properly and be good she said that she would commit suicide and make us pay badly. After marriage she came here thrice and two time w/o our consent just for a day or two. Also, she has taken all her belongings & jewellery that she got from our side to her place (her home) and we came to know this only last week. When we went to talk to her and her parents they said that all mistake is ours and we don't treat her properly although, I am alone (single boy child) and only my sister is there who studies in Lucknow, my parents treated her as their own child and did/brought whatever she said. She had troubled us a lot since last few months and all she wants is that she comes along with me wherever I go. I am not paid enough to take her along where ever I go and my company policies don't allow me the same. She has tortured my parents and me very badly mentally and emotionally. I left no stone unturned to get her back on track. Her parents are now threatening us that they will file the case of "Dahej" against us although we didn't asked for a single penny from them and we have proofs for same. Now, I want my life back, I ruined my carrer for her. I am very disturbed due to her nature. I don't want her in my life again. She is with her parents since last two months. I am a graduate Engg in computers and working in a pvt firm in Mumbai. My wife has B.ed degree. I am 25 yrs old and my wife too is 25 yrs of age. Our thinking and nature both go on different tracks. She is not willing to understand anything and adjust with us. I directly spoke to her and asked her for divorce and she and her parents are not ready for it. pl suggest me a better way so I can get over this relationship legally. I don't want my life to be a waste in the end.