Agent and house owner cheating

Thanks for your hearing, I took 1 BHK for rent in Bangalore (near Buddha Vihar) on seeing the information from the portal The contact person was an agent. Deposit/advance money is Rs. 40,000/-, Rental is Rs. 8,000/- + Rs. 500/- (for water) + Separate (for electricity) and Rs. 8,000/- (i.e. = 1 month rent, already paid) for brokerage. Both the website and the agent, as well the house owner promised 24x7 running water during the house visit. I repeatedly asked and got positive confirmation about this from them. Once I moved in, there was no water on the very first day. The neighbor told me that there is water problem, that they buy from tanker and so the running water comes for but a few hours in a day. I immediately called owner and the agent questioning and complaining on this. They are evading the question. The owner says he will fix the issue, but no solution. I took the house only because 'running water facility' was promised. It is well known that storing the water and using it (unless it is a temporary/emergency situation) is not an amenity equivalent to ‘running water facility’. It the amenity that I paid for. For example, 1) water comes at 11 AM – 2 PM in the noon, when I go to office, how do I manage when I'm the only occupant, 2) how do I wash vessels in the kitchen sink without going thru the ordeal (I didn’t pay for this, if I had accepted this it's a different matter), 3) the bathroom-cum-toilet is a congested 6x4 cell, but when buckets & drum to store water occupies half the space, it's another ordeal. This is just to give an understanding of practical difficulty of not having running water while paying and promised for it. Geyser is another amenity in the agreement but not fixed in the bathroom. Now, that the Bangalore is in lockdown, it’s difficult to move elsewhere as in normal times. Further, getting a new house and shifting the things also take time and effort. How do I get redressal for this? How do I cancel the agreement, recover the deposit/advance and brokerage and claim (if possible) a compensation for 'breach of trust' or alternatively stay for a short time till I find an alternative without having to pay anything? Your valuable suggestion is welcome. Thank you Shakir